Your team's knowledge is scattered across tools,
DocsOcean searches through all of them.

DocsOcean provides an easy to use, lightning fast search for all of your team's documentation.

Instant Results

Lightning fast search enables allows you to find what you need quickly, without jumping between tools.

Smart ranking

Our ranking system uses machine learning to prioritize the most relevant, fresh and useful information.

Full suite of sources

We've integrated with all of the tools your company keeps important information. Plus, we're always adding new ones.

Bank-grade Security

Our platform is built with industry best practices and our data centers (AWS) are PCI 1 and SOC 1 accredited. 

Integrated with:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sites 
  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Github
  • Slack
  • Apiary
  • Gitlab
  • Redmine
  • MediaWiki
  • Dropbox
  • Huddle

Something Missing?

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